If you are in a hurry and do not have time to digest all pages of our survey results, we have built a composite opinion looking solely at the majority answers given to each question.  Percentages are shown next to each statement, for example (63%).  Some questions allowed multiple answers, in such cases the results are listed as (63%*). 


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The average respondent to the traffic survey lives in Bicester (71%), is a female (60%) aged around 40 (27%) who is employed full-time (56%) and found about the survey via Facebook (70%) but had not previously heard of Bicester Traffic Action Group (55%).


This lady visits Bicester Town Centre several times per week (40%) for grocery shopping (64%). She would like to see either a large high street brand (Rank: 4.43 / 5) or more clothes shops in the town centre (Rank: 4.05 / 5).  She drives to the shops (74%) and parks for free in Sainsbury’s multi-storey car park (91%) for between one and two hours (60%).  Her belief is that there is insufficient car parking although free parking would be unlikely to make her visit more frequently.

As for Personal Travel, our representative resident uses a car / motor vehicle as her main form of transport to/from work/education (74%).  Her journey to work is up to three miles (30%).  The top three traffic congestion issues the lady has identified in Bicester are; Bicester Village congestion (86%*), traffic congestion on Queens Avenue/Buckingham Road (65%*) and lack of a ring road around Bicester (49%*).  Regarding the new destinations available from Bicester Town railway station, her top three of most interest are; Oxford (73%*), Milton Keynes (67%*) and Heathrow Airport (59%*).  The new railway destinations are 'very unlikely' to make her change how she travels to/from work/education but 'likely' to make her alter her leisure travel plans.


On the subject of Bicester Village traffic congestion, our fictional lady believes that it has a great effect (76%) on the town and she is personally impacted by it every week (41%).  The congestion is encountered around the entrance to Bicester Village (76%*) but also on Queens Avenue (50%*) and the A41 from the M40 (46%*).  To avoid being affected by the congestion, the lady makes a de-tour/re-route (70%).  Regarding the changes to traffic management Bicester Village have made since Black Friday, she feels neutral (66%) as to whether there has been an improvement or not.  The lady is also neutral or has insufficient information to comment on how effective the new ‘hamburger’ roundabout and other changes proposed to the road layout will be (41%).  This person feels that the best solution to the traffic congestion would be more park and ride facilities near the M40 (Rank: 2.83 / 3).


Our fictional resident was not previously aware (82%) that London Road level crossing would be closed by 2019. The crossing is very important to her and she feels that its closure without a replacement will have a negative impact on social, economic and safety issues. Again, the lady was unaware (83%) that Oxfordshire County Council had no budget to replace the level crossing with alternative options.


Howes Lane’s redevelopment was also unknown to the lady (52%). From the information she has seen, the respondent feels that from a access, traffic flow and usage perspective the proposed design is not an effective solution for the current road.

Survey data.  388 complete and verified responses.  Originally 624 submitted, remainder removed due to incompleteness or multiple submissions by single IP address.  A maximum of two submissions per IP address were permitted.  Survey was carried out online using between 2nd March 2015 and 19th March 2015.