Here are the eagerly awaited results of Bicester Traffic Action Group's comprehensive traffic survey carried out in March 2015.


We had a total of 388 responses.   To ensure that we have sought the opinions of the largest possible audience the survey was advertised electronically using Facebook, Twitter and Email.  To ensure that we reached users beyond those platforms we have also contacted several village parish councils and residents groups directly.

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The survey broke down into four key areas.  We asked each user for their opinion's on traffic and congestion in/around; Bicester Town Centre, Bicester Village, London Road level crossing in Bicester and Howes Lane redesign.  Depending on the answers given, respondents were asked a potential total of 38 questions.   


As the survey fell into distinct areas you can access each topic individually;

However if you do not have time to visit each page in turn, then read our 'composite' summary view based on majority answers here.

Unfortunately our survey was unable to account for all issues faced by residents of Bicester and the villages and we apologise.  If you feel that there is a subject that should be included in a future survey, please contact us.


Bicester Traffic Action Group, March 2015